Mike's Toolbox

How to Add Mike's Toolbox Calculator to Your Own Web Page

Scientific Calculator

If you would like to include a pop-up scientific calculator from Mike's Toolbox to your own page, simply include this link at the appropriate location:

<a href='https://calql8r.com/calc.html' onclick="window.open('https://calql8r.com/calc.html', 'mikestoolboxcalc','toolbar=no,width=520,height=230'); return false;">Mike's Toolbox Scientific Calculator</a>

Important! Please make sure that you retain the double quote characters after onclick= and also after return false;. Otherwise, the calculator may not open in its own window. The rest of the quotes should be single quotes.

Contacting Mike of Mike's Toolbox

Please send comments and suggestions to:  mikestoolbox@pobox.com