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Engineering a New Economy

Learn how we should operate the economy to reverse the trend of continuously increasing debt for the government and American households, and return prosperity to the poor and middle classes. All federal taxes should be eliminated and replaced by a simple low-percentage sales tax which eventually can be reduced to just 2%!


Mathematics and Finance

To the right are some tutorials that attempt to make some important math and finance topics easier to understand.

Hopefully you will be able to follow the explanations, but if not, please send an email to the address below to let me know what difficulties you encounter.

Scientific Calculator

Here is a fully functional scientific calculator implemented entirely in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. See the calculator instructions for help in using it. You can easily embed the calculator in your own page, or create a link to a pop-up calculator.

Mortgage Calculator

Here is a mortgage calculator implemented entirely in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Contacting Mike of Mike's Toolbox

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